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    East Anglia Reveals Garden Gems

    The five Gardens in East Anglia selected by our tour organisers Di & Neil Cave were spread across Norfolk, Suffolk & North Essex and ranged from a large domestic garden to the grounds of a stately home.

  • 2017-09-08-1359 - lots of growth on terrace hedge HL

    Regrowth in the South of France

    With so many stories of box moth and it’s caterpillars causing havoc with peoples gardens it’s good to get updates that show things can and do get better surprisingly quickly.

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    Significant Increases in Box Moths & Caterpillars

    A number of people have emailed EBTS UK with their experiences of this years box moth invasion and how they have dealt with it.

  • How to empty a pheromone trap HL

    How to empty a pheromone trap

    Following requests on how to empty a pheromone trap EBTS UK has made a short video that shows what to do when there are still some live moths in the trap – hopefully their end is swift and painless as it can be under the circumstances.

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    Don’t dig up your box just because of caterpillars

    Ignore those that say the only way to resolve the Box Moth/Caterpillar problem is to dig up your plants.  Just look at what happens if you spray and feed your plants – much cheaper and easier than digging up and replacing.


    Le Manuel Du Buis – New – The Boxwood Manual in French (4th Edition)

    EBTS France has translated Lynn R Batdorf’s new 4th edition of ‘The Boxwood Manual’, making it the first reference book on boxwood in French, it is available from 10th September.

  • 2017-08-21 Charlotte Molesworth More4

    Charlotte Molesworth on More4

    Why not sit down with a nice cup of tea this evening and enjoy seeing EBTS member Charlotte Molesworth show Dee Hart Dyke (Miranda Hart’s mum) her garden and how to clip.

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    West London Box Tree Caterpillar Invasion – Updated 11/8/17

    On returning home from a week away, the EBTS UK Chairman found unwanted guests chomping through his box hedging in both the front and back gardens.

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    EBTS members restored garden gets Royal visit

    In July of 2017 Plas Cadnant was visited by HRH Prince of Wales.  HRH was taken on a private tour of the gardens where he met many of those involved in restoring the gardens, before and after the flood.

  • Pheromone Trap Setup HL

    Box Tree Moth Pheromone Trap Setup

    There are a number of different types of pheromone traps on the market, but they all work in roughly the same way. 

The European Boxwood & Topiary Society


The European Boxwood and Topiary Society (EBTS) is devoted to encouraging the appreciation, cultivation and knowledge of Boxwood and Topiary and to further extend both historic and scientific research in the subject.


Our aims are to encourage, improve and extend the cultivation of boxwood and to disseminate knowledge of boxwood and topiary, in all its forms, by means of publications, promotions, exhibitions, scientific research, European co-operation and exchange, conferences and visits, various meetings and other appropriate activities.


We are a European body with active membership in the UK, France, Belgium, Holland and Germany. Further relationships in Italy, Portugal and Spain are currently being developed. Each country is responsible for running its own organisation within the overall framework of our Vision and Aims. A longstanding and very strong relationship with The American Boxwood Society (ABS) in Virginia, USA has been in existence for many years and which we value greatly.


Our members comprise garden historians, writers, garden designers, scientists, nurserymen, great garden owners and professionals, as well as the many fine amateur gardeners who are the backbone of the whole culture of gardens. 

We are a “not for profit” organisation with members paying an annual fee to their own respective country organisations.

Our annual flagship magazine is called Topiarius and is issued to all members in Europe.

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