Have you bought your traps in?


If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to clean up your box moth pheromone traps & store them for the winter.  Dispose of any remaining dead moths and give the traps a good clean using warm water and a drop of detergent.  Also it’s worth checking that you have a supply of pheromone lures ready for next year rather than leaving it till the last minute. 

Early Warning Plan for 2018

This year saw a huge increase in box moths and their caterpillars causing significant damage to hedges and topiary across the south east of the UK.

As the moths are able to fly around 10km in search of box plants on which to lay their eggs, they are spreading further across and up the the country.

In an effort to warn owners of box plants of the arrival of the moths next year, EBTS UK will be setting up a Box Moth Early Warning Alert  System – to do this we will need your help.  In the next update we will be asking for volunteers to be part of a network of people across the country who have pheromone traps in their gardens – one very special garden has already said they will be part of the network.

If you have a suggestion for a catchy name of this early warning network do email it to us.