Book Reviews

Here are a selection of book reviews from issues of Topiarius.


A Rothschild Renaissance reviewed by Elizabeth Braimbridge

This sumptuously illustrated book about the treasures of the Waddesdon Bequest is a breathtaking treasure in itself. The bequest is housed in the British Museum and the book marks its move to a specially created new gallery.

Norfolk Gardens & Designed Landscapes-HL2

Norfolk Gardens and Design Landscape review by Marian Boswall

One might question the hubris of describing one’s own work as a ‘sort of Pevsner for gardens’. Pevsner made it perverse to enter any county without the relevant Buildings of England volume on the passenger seat, next to the Ordnance Survey – a killer app which guided one through each architectural notable.

The Treatment of Buxaceae

The Treatment of Buxaceae

Many of you are already aware of the publication of Volume 19 Flora de Cuba with three families (Buxaceae, Lauraceae and Theophrastaceae) in Spanish by Koeltz Scientific Books, Königstein, Germany.

Topiarius V16 P54 - Edwardian Country Life

Edwardian Country Life reviewed by Annette Balfour-Lynn

The Story of H Avray Tipping by Helena Gerrish Frances Lincoln – ISBN 978-0-7112-3223-5 Topiarius Volume 16 p54 Henry Avray Tipping was at the forefront of the vanguard elite of country life at its most beguiling. He was the unsung hero of the early C2Oth garden and country house movement, eclipsed by his better known […]

Topiarius V16 P52 - The Art of Creative Pruning

The Art of Creative Pruning reviewed by Bruce Ginsberg

by Jake Hobson Workman Publishing 2012 – ISBN 1604693568 781604693560 Topiarius Volume 16 p52 All over the world, wherever there are garden traditions, different local cultures have developed different traditions of clipping and training plants. Increasingly this previously confined, area-specific local tradition of technique is being shared around the world as part of a more […]

Topiarius V16 P53 - Discovering Welsh Gardens

Discovering Welsh Gardens reviewed by Caroline Foley

20 of the liveliest gardens selected and explored by Stephen Anderton and photographed by Charles Hawes. Graffeg – ISBN 9781905582204 Topiarius Volume 16 p53 It was when the Stephen Anderton, gardening correspondent to The Times newspaper, saw the Veddw and met the owner Charles Hawes (the award winning photographer much featured in this issue*) that […]