Buxus National Collection

  • National Collection propagation 2 HL
    June 26th, 2018
  • 2017-12-10 National Collection HL
    November 21st, 2017
  • IMG_20170717_130850
    July 17th, 2017
  • IMG_20170622_133628
    June 22nd, 2017
  • IMG_20170419_143011
    April 19th, 2017
  • IMG_20170411_122703
    April 11th, 2017

Current Status

  • Cuttings being propagated at Shallowmead Nurseries
  • Langley regains ‘National Collection’ for Buxus
  • Previous collections suffered from blight or neglect
  • Long-term plan being devised for existing plants
  • Topbuxus providing their products free for a second year
  • Work is ongoing to improve the health of the plants
  • Significant reduction of weeds on the Langley site

Following a suggestion by Barry Clarke, Botanist and Plant Records Officer at Sir Harold Hillier Gardens, EBTS UK member Andrew Napier, with the help of his wife Lena, Bruce Ginsberg & Chris Poole, are working with the current site owner, Ashley Brunning, to restore/maintain the collection.

This will be a long project and you can follow the progress below.

National Collection propagation 2 HL

Propagating the National Collection

Work continues on improving the health of the buxus plants in the National Collection, including propagating the rarer varieties.

2017-12-10 National Collection HL

National Collection Status returns to Langley

On 21st November Mike Buffin, Chairman Plant Heritage, confirmed that the Plant Conservation Committee had awarded ‘Full Collection’ status to the Langley collection.


Good & Not So Good

It was booked to be another day of weeding, but when we arrived we were a little worried with some of what we saw.


Topbuxus HealthMix Spraying

Work Team: Andrew & Lena On site today and carried out spraying Topbuxus HealthMix. Conditions looking improved, especially now there has been some rain! Next Time: Lots more weeding!


Weeding & Feeding

Work Team: Andrew, Lena & Chris The hot weather of the last week or so was breaking and there was the possibility of rain later in the day.  So the plan on this visit was to weed and get the second application of Topbuxus Grow applied with the hope that the rain would water it […]

Plant Heritage Logo

Proposal presented to Plant Heritage

The proposal to apply for National Collection status was presented by Rosie Yeoman on our behalf to the Plant Conservation Committee (PCC) of Plant Heritage and met with overwhelming support. There was plenty of excitement about your work and the timescale for you getting this to the full application stage. Rosie Yeomans, National Collections Coordinator […]

PH Proposal

Proposal Sent Off

Work Team: Andrew & Lena Just to let you know that I have sent the proposal documents to Plant Heritage for discussion at the Plant Conservation Committee  (PCC) at their next meeting on the  13th June. Plant Heritage have already acknowledged receipt , and say they are ‘thrilled’ by the proposal. Rosie Yeomans  (Plant Heritage […]

Langley container plants

More Carpeting & 1st HealthMix spray

Work Team: Ashley, Lena & Andrew Today we spread a further 60 bags of CARPET around the collection and now only have probably 10-15% of the area left to treat. This remaining area is adjacent to the side of the office/cabin and is in need of a bit more prep to remove weed/bramble growth, and […]

IMG_20170622_125918 Carpet

Carpeting & Weeding

Topbuxus ‘Carpet’ Team: Ashley, Lena & Andrew Topbuxus CARPET applied today; coverage appox 30-40% of total collection at recommended depth of 3cms. (We are asking for guidance re what ‘material’ to use to cover the remainder of the collection. Our preference would be CARPET, to the entire area , including pathways etc, as this would […]


Attaining National Status?

Jermyns House , Hilliers Nurseries Held a meeting, kindly hosted by Sir Harold Hillier Gardens, where the options for regaining National Collection status was discussed along with a longer term strategy.  This included the best way to go about potential propagation of specimens, initial discussion about the layout of the collection and how to setup […]