AFPP Conference HL

International Conference on Boxwood Diseases & Pests

University De Tours 3 Rue des Tanneurs, 37041 Tours, France

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Used during several centuries to organize Japanese gardens or French gardens, boxwood is an emblematic plant for castles, parks, and national monuments.  Pests affecting boxwood can constitute global economic risks as they can attack the plant both in landscapes and in forest where it grows naturally.

Aware on this issue for boxwood, the AFPP aims at organizing this international conference with three main subjects :

  • The global issue of phytosanitary for boxwood
  • Consolidation of knowledge of the two main pests for boxwood – moth and diseases
  • The current status and description of pest control and what is coming in the future

EBTS UK will be attending this conference and there will be significant coverage from it on the website in the weeks following the event.