Fine tuning clippers

Learn to Clip

Charlotte Molesworth's Garden Balmoral, Benenden, Cranbrook, Kent TN17 4DL

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  • Charlotte Molesworth guidance on where to prune
  • Sharpening - wet stone
  • Clipping for shadow
  • Charlotte & Darren on cloud pruning
  • Sharpening - cleaning off
  • Clipping guidance

Do you want to learn how to clip or maybe improve your skills?

EBTS is running a ‘Learn to Clip’ day which will include:

  • How to look after your tools
  • Sharpening techniques
  • Principals of clipping
  • How to select the right plant
  • Clipping technique for large and small jobs
  • Table top topiary
  • A selection of the latest tools to try out

The day is being hosted by Charlotte Molesworth who, along with Darren Lerigo, will be imparting their expert knowledge in the amazing surroundings of Charlotte’s wonderful topiary garden.

Bring along your own tools and we’ll show you how to look after them.  You’ll also  be able to take a look at the latest shears, secateurs and other tools of the trade from top manufactures like ARS, Fiskar, Mikita, Modern Mint and Niwaki.

A lunch of sandwiches and chips will be provided at The Bull at Benenden and there will be tea, coffee and cake available during the day.

Whether you’re just starting to clip topiary shapes or want to improve your skills, sign up for the EBTS ‘Learn to Clip’ day.  You will take away new skills, knowledge and your very own topiarised plant.


Standard £45
Students £25 (Includes 1-yr free membership to EBTS UK)