Séjour en Val de Loire

La Marine de Loire 9 Avenue de la Loire, 49730 Montsoreau, France

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Stay in the Loire Valley from Thursday, June 13 to Sunday, June 16, 2019

Thursday, June 13
Departure for the Loire on our own.
Some gardens “great classics of the Loire” are on the way can be visited individually.
18 hr 00: Arrival at the hotel “La Marine de Loire” at 49730 Montsoreau, Avenue de la Loire, 9 where we will stay during the whole trip. This charming hotel (4 stars), located opposite the river, combines elegance and comfort (spa “five worlds” 300 m², Lounge Bar facing the garden …).
20 hr 00: Boarding a few steps from the hotel for a private cruise on the Loire and dinner on the boat.

Friday, June 14
10 am 00: Visit of the Vildomer garden. This garden of boxwood protected walls, located in the heart of the village, close to the church is composed of various pleasant spaces and other corners of greenery. A family garden, arches of roses and bowers form a very harmonious. This private garden, created 20 years ago, is passionately maintained by its owners, botanists knowledgeable.
12:30 pm: Lunch in the vicinity, at La Charte-sur-le-Loir.
13 hr 30: Visit of the Priory of Vauboin to Beaumont-sur-Dême. This garden often described as “the greatest boxwood madness” is the property of the artist Thierry Judge, Karel’s acquaintance. The owner will make us visit his garden while delivering without a doubt a philosophical explanation to his approach!
16 hr 30: Visit of the Château du Lude, property of the Count and Countess Louis-Jean de Nicolay. Barbara de Nicolay (from Hex, near Tongeren), a passionate gardener, will welcome us and guide us through her gardens.

The Lude is one of the jewels of the Loire Valley. Its terraced gardens mix intimate and grandiose. They were built in the 17th century and have undergone successive transformations, the most notable are due to the renowned landscape architect Edouard André, at the end of the 19th century, with the design of large romantic gardens, extended by an English park. A rose garden dedicated mainly to Chinese roses, tea and hybrid tea is worth the detour and offers a bloom spread from May to December.
From the terraces of the castle an “agricultural park” extending on the other side of the Loir is admired with its bunches of ancient trees offering a majestic perspective. The vast kitchen garden has several greenhouses and an orangery. Rows of fruit trees, flowers and rare vegetables are arranged in traditional boxwood squares.
20 hr 00: Dinner at Montsoreau just a stone’s throw from the hotel, at “Montsorelli”.

Saturday June 15th
10 h 00 visit the Château de Coudray Montpensier in Chinon. It was in 2005 that Dr. Christian Feray, passionate about Touraine, decided to save the Courdray. For nine years, he has been carrying out an exemplary restoration campaign respecting history and place. Not stopping at the building, he then proceeds to the complete restoration of the French gardens of more than 2 hectares which have since been classified with the Historical Monuments of France, thus recovering all the luster of 1930 which had been given to him by Pierre-Georges Latécoère, famous aircraft manufacturer and founder of Aéropostale. To achieve this success, more than 250,000 boxwood trees have been replanted! The garden enjoys a beautiful view of the castle and the Rabelaisian countryside, native land of François Rabelais.
12 hr 00 visit and lunch at Ligré at Serge Desazars in his property dedicated to the cultivation of truffles, a local specialty and which covers 60 hectares entirely conducted in organic farming. The estate currently produces mainly black truffle. Truffle orchards were planted to produce different species of truffles. An arboretum composed of 14 truffle tree species has also been planted. Serge Desazars will welcome us in his truffle for a refined lunch and bucolic.
14 h 00 visit of the garden of the Priory of Braye under Faye. Since the nineties Michel Timon associates the spirit of the garden of priest and the geometry of the Quintinie, famous garden of Louis XIV. In the old fields of ronciers, plots, rigorously drawn, were arranged. Fruit trees in espaliers rub shoulders with squares of vegetables and flower beds with shimmering colors. Cypresses and palm trees bring an exotic note to the whole.
19 h 00 Dinner at Carol Miles, at the Manoir de la Couture in Huismes. The meal will be prepared by his mother. La Couture is an elegant house with pretty gardens overlooking the meadows of the winding Indre, whose confluence with the Loire is only a few kilometers away. The Miles family, very fond of gardens is very involved in the art of gardens. Pleasant conversation topics in perspective.

Sunday, June 16th
Departure from the hotel on our own.

10:30 am on the way back, visit the gardens of the Chaumont sur Loire area with its International Garden Festival. Acquired by the Region in 2007, the Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire has become an unmissable place in the field of art and gardens and has earned an international reputation.
12 hr 30 Lunch on site in “le grand Velum”, culinary and gastronomic creation workshop that serves an inventive and refined cuisine conceived around the theme of the International Garden Festival. Lunch will take place in an elegant and landscaped greenhouse and will end nicely our stay.
Friday and Saturday tours will be by bus for a better comfort.
The number of places is limited to 20 people.
The price of the stay including accommodation, bus travel, meals including drinks and visits amount to 1,737 € per couple and 1,330 € in single to payment.

There are only a few places left on this trip, so contact Karel Goossens as soon as you can!