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  • Pheromone Trap Setup HL

    Box Tree Moth Pheromone Trap Setup

    There are a number of different types of pheromone traps on the market, but they all work in roughly the same way. 

  • IMG_20170719_103458

    Chiswick Box Tree Caterpillar Invasion

    On returning home from a week away, the EBTS UK Chairman found unwanted guests chomping through his box hedging in both the front and back gardens.

  • IMG_20170717_130912

    Good & Not So Good

    It was booked to be another day of weeding, but when we arrived we were a little worried with some of what we saw.

  • 2017-07-06 The Reviews

    ‘Topiary, Knots & Parterres’ – Great Reviews

    Since it’s launch on the 8th June, Caroline Foley’s brilliant book ‘Topiary, Knots & Parterres’, printed by Pimpernel Press in association with EBTS UK, has been available from all good book shops and the reviews are now coming in.

  • Léonce Deprez Véronique Goblet dAlviella Patrick Salembier Philippe Rey

    Léonce Deprez 1927-2017

    EBTS France is sad to announce the death of Léonce Deprez, former deputy mayor of Le Touquet-Paris-Plage and Honorary Member of EBTS.

  • IMG_20170629_104505HL

    Wonderful day out in Hampshire

    Dispite a road closure & thanks to our sat-nav’s, we all assemble at our first garden at Farleigh House where Andrew Wooley, the Head Gardener, took us on a brilliant tour.

  • IMG_20170703_171438

    Topbuxus HealthMix Spraying

    Work Team: Andrew & LenaOn site today and carried out spraying Topbuxus HealthMix.Conditions looking improved, especially now there has been some rain!

  • IMG_20170622_130233

    Weeding & Feeding

    Work Team: Andrew, Lena & ChrisThe hot weather of the last week or so was breaking and there was the possibility of rain later in the day.  So the plan on this visit was to weed and get the second application of Topbuxus Grow applied with the hope that the rain would water it in.Since […]

  • Plant Heritage Logo

    Proposal presented to Plant Heritage

    The proposal to apply for National Collection status was presented by Rosie Yeoman on our behalf to the Plant Conservation Committee (PCC) of Plant Heritage and met with overwhelming support.There was plenty of excitement about your work and the timescale for you getting this to the full application stage.Rosie Yeomans, National Collections Coordinator & Events, […]

  • Old Rectory Pulham_20170606_153013

    2017 Gardens in Dorset

    With the forecast for torrential rain and winds of 40mph, the day didn’t sound too promising on the weather front.

The European Boxwood & Topiary Society


The European Boxwood and Topiary Society (EBTS) is devoted to encouraging the appreciation, cultivation and knowledge of Boxwood and Topiary and to further extend both historic and scientific research in the subject.


Our aims are to encourage, improve and extend the cultivation of boxwood and to disseminate knowledge of boxwood and topiary, in all its forms, by means of publications, promotions, exhibitions, scientific research, European co-operation and exchange, conferences and visits, various meetings and other appropriate activities.


We are a European body with active membership in the UK, France, Belgium, Holland and Germany. Further relationships in Italy, Portugal and Spain are currently being developed. Each country is responsible for running its own organisation within the overall framework of our Vision and Aims. A longstanding and very strong relationship with The American Boxwood Society (ABS) in Virginia, USA has been in existence for many years and which we value greatly.


Our members comprise garden historians, writers, garden designers, scientists, nurserymen, great garden owners and professionals, as well as the many fine amateur gardeners who are the backbone of the whole culture of gardens. 

We are a “not for profit” organisation with members paying an annual fee to their own respective country organisations.

Our annual flagship magazine is called Topiarius and is issued to all members in Europe.

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