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  • Box Moth Canada HL

    Box Moths reach Canada

    The citizen science website posted that Karen Yukich sighted the box tree moth on 25th August 2018 in Toronto, Canada.

  • IMG_20181108_171027 HL

    RHS John MacLeod Annual Lecture

    EBTS Chairman attends the eight RHS John MacLeod Annual Lecture, this year given by Professor Nicola Spence on pests and diseases.

  • IMG_20181101_170040

    It’s that time again

    Time to bring in your box moth traps, give them a good clean and store them away ready to be used again next year.

  • IMG_20181008_143412

    Weekly survey of box at Ham House

    EBTS UK has facilitated a trial of two box moth deterrents at Ham House in South West London.  Here is a quick look at what happens when doing the survey and in addition this week one of the deterrents was replaced.

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The European Boxwood and Topiary Society (EBTS) is devoted to encouraging the appreciation, cultivation and knowledge of Boxwood and Topiary and to further extend both historic and scientific research in the subject.


Our aims are to encourage, improve and extend the cultivation of boxwood and to disseminate knowledge of boxwood and topiary, in all its forms, by means of publications, promotions, exhibitions, scientific research, European co-operation and exchange, conferences and visits, various meetings and other appropriate activities.


We are a European body with active membership in the UK, France, Belgium, Holland and Germany. Further relationships in Italy, Portugal and Spain are currently being developed. Each country is responsible for running its own organisation within the overall framework of our Vision and Aims. A longstanding and very strong relationship with The American Boxwood Society (ABS) in Virginia, USA has been in existence for many years and which we value greatly.


Our members comprise garden historians, writers, garden designers, scientists, nurserymen, great garden owners and professionals, as well as the many fine amateur gardeners who are the backbone of the whole culture of gardens. 

We are a “not for profit” organisation with members paying an annual fee to their own respective country organisations.

Our annual flagship magazine is called Topiarius and is issued to all members in Europe.

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