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How to empty a pheromone trap HL

How to empty a pheromone trap

Following requests on how to empty a pheromone trap EBTS UK has made a short video that shows what to do when there are still some live moths in the trap – hopefully their end is swift and painless as it can be under the circumstances.


Setting Up A Box Moth Pheromone Trap

With the increase in problems caused by Box Moths & their caterpillars here is some hopefully helpful information on how to setup a pheromone trap. The traps catch the adult male moths and give a visible indication of that they are in and around your garden.

AiA Tennis Balls 4 - Remove guideline and continue to clip

Tennis Balls?

Anyone who attended Art in Action 2011 could not fail to be inspired by the wealth of creativity exhibited at the event.  I was privileged to be in the Sculpture section representing the EBTS and duties involved attending lectures and demonstrations given by two of our professional members, Jake Hobson of Niwaki and James Crebbin-Bailey of Topiary Arts.