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Topbuxus London Presentation – No more blight?

EBTS was recently invited to attend a presentation by one of it’s advertisers, Topbuxus. The event, on 22nd February, was held at the Judith Blacklock Flower School, Knightsbridge.

Boxwood Triptych by Adam Dirksz - The Thomson Collection at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto

Fascinating Boxwood at the Art Gallery of Ontario

If you’ve read Mark Braimbridge’s pieces on the Waddesdon Bequest or Dr Dora Thornton’s piece about the British Museum exhibition of boxwood carvings, you should take a look at the Art Gallery of Ontario – Boxwood Project.

Levens Hall - Kendal - Cumbria - 1

Five methods of Defence – An EBTS Round Up

The following comments are from scientists, nurserymen and private growers. There are many differences in opinion even amongst the leading experts. Everyone has a story to tell, perhaps a treatment to recommend…

1200px Box Tree Moth caterpillar Cydalima perspectalis by Böhringer Friedrich Wikipedia

Increased infestations by Box Tree Moths

It is being reported that the Asian box tree caterpillar Diaphania perspectalis is spreading more rapidly than previously. The RHS is quoted in The Times as having recorded as many incidents this year as all the sightings since 2011 put together. These infestations were in discovered in May this year in Woodford & Loughton in the east of London and also Stoke Poges near Slough.

Box Tree Moth - Photo copyright Royal Horticultural Society

Another year with Box Blight & Box Tree Moth

Report by Dr Béatrice Henicot, Principal Plant Pathologist at the Royal Horticultural Society
In the mid-1990s, the fungus Cylindrocladium buxicola was introduced into the UK.

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Diseases and pests

Buxus is prone to a certain number of diseases and pests. These diseases can be virulent and every effort should be made to use disease free box in the creation of new gardens and topiary.

How does hot weather affect boxwood 14cr

How does hot weather affect Boxwood?

The effect of prolonged hot weather on Boxwood as recorded by Marc Velleman April 2011 was exceptionally warm with temperatures between 20° and 28°C for at least three weeks. This  had a great effect, not only on ourselves, but also on the boxwood plants. In my boxwood collection, which consists of more then 200 varieties, […]

Box illustration

General information about Boxwood

Boxwood has been called the ‘Plant of many surprises’. It is a very plain, quiet shrub with an elusive fragrance and comforting familiarity. It is unsurpassed in its ability to be smoothly topiarised into firm shapes, neat hedges or baroque flourishes, so says one of our most respected EBTS authors. Buxus sempervirens , the common […]