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The European flagship magazine of EBTS

Aptly named ‘Topiarius’ – the word used by the keen topiarist Pliny the Younger (62-100AD) to describe his most prized and skilled gardener –  the EBTS annual journal is issued free to all members of the Society. It contains a variety of articles of academic, botanical and scientific interest, as well as articles on garden design. It has features on many exclusive private gardens, both historical and contemporary, which have been visited by EBTS members across Europe.

Since the original founding of EBTS in 1996, over 20 volumes of Topiarius have been issued.  A summary listing of all major visits made was published to coincide with the 10th anniversary in 2006.  A comprehensive subject index of all articles and advertising in Topiarius was included in Volume 11 in 2007. 

As evidence of the status of Topiarius, the International Standard Serial Number (ISSN 1759-0469) from The British Library was issued in October, 2008. This is similar to an ISBN for books but applies to serious journals issued on a regular basis under the same name. 

Caroline Foley - Editor

Caroline Foley
The Editor

  • Topiarius Vol24 Summer 2020
    Volume 24 Summer 2020
  • Topiarius Vol23 Summer 2019
    Volume 23 Summer 2019
  • Topiarius Vol 22 front cover
    Volume 22 Summer 2018
  • Topiarius Vol 21 front cover
    Volume 21 Summer 2017
  • Topiarius Vol20 Summer 2016 cover
    Volume 20 Summer 2016
  • Topiarius Vol19 Summer 2015 cover
    Volume 19 Summer 2015
  • Topiarius Vol18 Summer 2014 cover
    Volume 18 Summer 2014
  • Topiarius Vol17 Summer 2013 cover
    Volume 17 Summer 2013
  • Topiarius Vol16 Summer 2012 cover
    Volume 16 Summer 2012
  • Topiarius Vol15 Summer 2011 cover
    Volume 15 Summer 2011
  • Topiarius Vol14 Summer 2010 cover
    Volume 14 Summer 2010