If you love boxwood and topiary you can join the USA chapter of this European organisation.

The USA representative who kindly coordinates this activity is Bennett Saunders who can be contacted by e-mail on

By joining the USA chapter of EBTS you will…

  • Have access to all the activities of EBTS in Europe
  • Receive a copy of our annual magazine Topiarius
  • Be part of the dialogue between various country operations
  • Be part of the developing friendships between our members

For further information on EBTS please look at the various parts of this website which contain details of our activities.

The Growth and Development of the EBTS

The European Boxwood and Topiary Society (EBTS) started in England in 1996 comprising a group of enthusiastic people from the UK with an interest in the growing and shaping of box, holly and yew. Over the next few years our membership grew and extended into other parts of Continental Europe especially in France, Belgium, Holland and Germany.

From the very beginning we had a strong relationship with the American Boxwood Society (ABS) and this relation ship still thrives today. In addition a group of individuals in the USA came together as informal members of EBTS in the USA and they now represent what we like to call ‘EBTS USA’. Many of these individuals are also members of ABS.

For further information on The American Boxwood Society please look at their website

You would be most welcome to join us.